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Grammar & The Wizard Of Oz

Today in Year 4 at Alegra, the focus for their Literacy lesson was grammar, and specifically: direct speech. 

As one of the objectives for this topic is using direct speech in their own creative piece, the students focused on firstly finding direct speech within the book they’re currently reading: Wizard of Oz. Then they created their own story and comic strips using direct speech. 

Grammar can be a challenging concept for students, and so it is important to have contextual background, this is the main reason to have a novel as a guide to incorporate the different aspects and types of texts that Year 4 students practice. 

Young students use more complex language in speech than in writing, this activity is designed to build on this and help them smoothly transition to sophisticated writing.

The main goal of this Literacy activity is for students to become independent, fluent, and enthusiastic readers who read widely and constantly. Whilst enjoying stories and learning to read silently.  

As this Term evolves the students will do their own creative pieces on an imaginary world thought on their own, with direct speech incorporated. 

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