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House Opening Ceremony

One more year we celebrate the opening ceremony of the Houses that marks the official start of this leadership and service program in Alegra. The captains and vice-captains took the solemn oath in front of the entire stage.

Miss Nicola Fletcher, Alegra House Leader, was in charge of presenting the event: Our goal this year can be summed up in two words: Joining Together. Today we take the first step towards achieving this. Today, instead of sitting with your class, you are sitting with your housemates. Of all ages, Joining Together. Look around. This is your team. It’s your family. So are the teachers.

After these words, Miss Nicola gave way to Isabella Halverson, former Captain of Lions House who told her experience and encouraged her teammates to and gave them some advice.

One of the most anticipated moments of this event happens when the captains and vice-captains are called to take the stage and give a speech to the students.

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“This school has taught me important values such as respect, loyalty, friendship and being a good student”.

Carla Cereijo, captain of Elephants

“Our virtue is generosity. It is not something that is written on the walls or on the windows of the oratory, it is who we are and how we behave. If I had to describe the Horses in two words I would say it’s a family.”

Clara Urquijo. Horses

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I am not the typical person who gives speeches in English in front of the whole school. But here I am, overcoming my fears, representing our virtue: courage. Step forward, be brave, like lions. I have stepped forward overcoming one of my fears, now it’s your turn.

Macarena Fuertes de Gilbert. Lions

Yes, we come to school to learn and receive an education but why choose Alegra and not another school? I have been to 5 schools in three different countries and I can say that I have not seen one as united as Alegra and the Casas system encompasses that idea.

Teresa López. Wolves

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The sub-captains Covadonga Hurtado (Elephants), Ana Prada (Horses), Lucía Mazzonleni (Lions) and Belén Mas (Wolves) were in charge of introducing the new members of their houses, both students and teachers.

Finally, Principal Vicky Muller, was in charge of closing the event and highlighted two main elements of what the Houses represent: The Houses keep alive the protagonism of the students in school life. The school becomes better with the sum of the commitment, work and initiatives of teachers, parents and students. And on the other hand, the school becomes better when we treat with respect and kindness all the people around us. At Alegra you learn many things, but the most important is to have a heart open to others.

Dear captains and sub-captains: this is the challenge I propose to you: to take care of each and every member of your house.

Vicky Muller, Alegra director

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Houses en Prep School

This stage also had its official event, after the speeches of the candidates and the votes, the captains and vice-captains met with Vicky Muller. In the office of the school principal, the students explained what each one committed to during the course and what they were going to do for their house. Finally, Vicky imposed the insignia of their respective Houses.

Don’t miss the videos of the captain candidates and the official presentation of badges:


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