The Library

The Library

The Library at Alegra is a hub of learning, creativity, and collaboration for our students.

Our School library is an inviting centre of learning that can be stepped into either virtually or physically - a space where our students are able to connect, share, create and be guided to information in order to develop new knowledge and understanding.

The Alegra Library We houses a vast collection of books which includes a wide range of up-to-date fiction titles to inspire our students in their reading for pleasure along with a collection of non-fiction books to support their independent learning. We also provide print journals - some subject specific, and others of more general interest. A range of high-quality e-learning resources can be accessed digitally through the school system. E-books are also available to borrow and read online.

The Library is a purpose-built study space where students of all ages can come for private academic work or group study, and is fully connected to the Research Library to allow for fast and easy access to resources.

The Library is often transformed into a place of events and workshops, delivering with a special program every term. Some of our activities include the celebration of The World Book Day, and Fantasy Day!

Library Timetable

Monday to Thursday: 9:15 a 16:45.
Friday: 11:00 a 16:00.

Calendar Events:
15/04 World Art Day.
23/04 International Book Day.

Would you like to order a book we don’t have?

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What is the librarians role?

  • Promotes reading and research.
  • Offers opportunities for active and autonomous inquiry and investigation by female students.
  • Offers group workshops and individual counseling on access, discrimination and appropriate use of information.
  • Allows individual reading and study in the space.
  • Offers material of interest to support the development of the curriculum and the professional development of each person.
  • Manage the use of resources.
  • Ensure compliance with the rules by all those who make life in the library.