Our Families

Family, the best team!

We believe that our parents and families are the first and most important educators in their children's lives come which is what motivates them to provide them with the very best opportunities in life. At Alegra, we have provided a strong support system in place for each and every family in their role as educators.

Encouraging parental engagement is more than common courtesy at Alegra. It is one of the best ways in which we are able to create a positive learning ecosystem for our students. We have a School community built on parent-teacher relationships and a fully integrated educational strategy in place to ensure that parents and teachers work together to improve learning. The gains in academic achievements and social outcomes are significant. We provide bespoke forms of support to our families through a dedicated team of Personal Mentors and Tutors, counselling, specialised workshops and open channels of communication; a powerful platform for enhancing and extending the work on parental engagement and raising achievement.

Parents Academy 23-24

Programmes for Marriages

The foundation of the family and the upbringing of children lies in a strong and solid marriage. To help nurture this firm foundation on which children are raised, we decided to move the conversation and put marriage training, education and coaching as the centre of gravity of family relationship development.

With this in mind, we offer you the opportunity to grow in your marriage with sessions that will strengthen it:

Love2Grow: a weekend getaway for couples, organised by couples and for couples, aimed at working on and strengthening your marriage vocation through dynamics and sessions that will deepen three central themes: communication in marriage, affectivity and sexuality, and marriage vocation.

Next dates for Love2Grow: April 26th - 28th. Registration through familias@colegioalegra.es

What is Love 2 Grow?

Sacramental Love: These are sessions designed to help married couples learn more. One Friday a month, we choose a theme that is relevant to couples and that helps them to grow in a human and supernatural way. They are led by our chaplaincy and supported by personal testimonies that accompany the theme. They take place in a friendly atmosphere, among friends, over cheese and wine.

Courses for the education of children

Family Workshops: The Family Department, together with the APA, is pleased to offer you the Family Workshops programmes for the education of our children.

The Family Workshops are family orientation sessions with a single objective: to provide couples with guidelines that will help them improve their parenting skills with their children and, as a result, improve the family.

This year the Family Workshops are divided into two groups according to the age of the children. Each group consists of three sessions given by professionals.

  • FW Infants: Route to Happiness
  • FW Juniors: My daughter and her environment

These programmes consist of 3 sessions (one per month) starting in February and, like last year, cost 70€ per couple.

Family Workshops

Family Resources

A section dedicated to recommendations of useful resources for parents: faith education, love in the family, educational tips, and even tools to make everyday life easier. Each month we will update this section with new recommendations.


Personal Mentoring

Parents are the primary educators and protagonists in the education of their daughters. This idea is embodied at Alegra, firstly, in the fluid communication between parents and the school and, secondly, through the “Preceptora”.

At Alegra, each family is assigned a “preceptora” whose role is to accompany the student in her academic and personal development, always in agreement and collaboration with the parents.

The Preceptora’s role is to guide and train her students in consultation with their parents.

To this end, she meets regularly with the student and at least once a term with the parents. In this way, the school and the families draw up a personal improvement project for each pupil, adapted to the needs of the pupil and the family.

Family Pilgrimage

Holy Land:“A life changing experience”

Edición 2022 - Del 2 al 9 de diciembre

Since 2017, Alegra has organised this trip to the Holy Land for Alegra families. Sailing on Lake Genesaret, visiting Bethlehem, the Jordan River, the Holy Sepulchre... see with your own eyes where Jesus of Nazareth was.

“For us the trip to the Holy Land has been a once in a lifetime experience. On a spiritual level it has made us live our faith and understand the gospel in a much more experiential way, as if we were true disciples of Christ and following in his footsteps as many followed him 2000 years ago".

Gonzalo González y Rosario Pelayo (Peregrinos en Tierra Santa en 2018)

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Fatima

Every year, families from Alegra go on a pilgrimage to pray to Our Lady of Fatima a “romería”. It is a trip especially aimed at families whose daughters are celebrating their First Holy Communion, although of course, it is open to all interested families of the school.

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