Parents As
First Teachers

The Role of Parents

To ensure the success of the education process, it is absolutely essential that both parents and School share the same objectives.

At Alegra, we consider that the educational work we do at School is a subsidiary to that of the family. All teaching & formative activities delivered at School are in direct alignment with this principle of our mission, and is accepted in its totality by parents when they bring their children to Alegra.

We organise all of the necessary family orientation and other training courses for parents through our Family Orientation Department and to establish direct and close contact with parents through our Tutors.

Alegra Parents’ Association

Alegra Parents’ Association plays a key role in the life of the School and derives from one of our most important characteristics: Alegra is a school formed by families, for families. APA seek to:

  • Establish a trustful, family atmosphere
  • Place special attention to the provision of formation for parenting, promoting activities in the area of family
  • Administer their work via different committees; each one being led by leaders of APA, in which all School parents are invited to take part.