Life on Campus

Classes begin at 9.15 for all courses and end at 16.50h. However, the school remains open from 8.30h. to 18.30h. and it is possible to drop off students from Nursery to Year 3 (3-7 years old) in the daycare service. Learn more

The school uniform can be purchased in “La Casita de Mitos Roca” in Pozuelo de Alarcón. All student must com each day properly dressed, and shall use the sports uniform at the hours design for it and will change after class. Learn more

There are 13 school bus routes available, for different areas of the city (Madrid Centro, Aravaca, Mirasierra…). Moreover there is a “lanzadera” route from Retamar. The half route service isn’t currently available, however the school bus can be used occasionally. Learn more

The food at Alegra is homemade and is elaborated daily with fresh ingredients in our own kitchens, following a dynamic and healthy diet. Menus for celiac, diabetic and allergic students are made daily. The dining room service is compulsory for all, it is an educational moment for students to learn good manners and virtues. Learn more

Students from Nursery to Year 3 (3-7 years old) that decide to enroll in the any of the extracurricular activities, attend the activities during the school hours in some recess. Students from Year 4 onwards, stay after class to participate in the activities. There is an extra school bus service available if they need it. Learn more

In each School Year the material the students need to bring to school changes, and the school provides the material in september.Learn more

Yes! There is a wide variety of volunteer activities for both Alegra students and school families who wish to participate in organized activities to help those who need it most. Each house (lions, wolves, horses, elephants) compete in solidarity through the Alegra project for others. Learn more

Educational model

A group of families forged a plan to establish an educational model with a global and international approach, a model in which professionalism, passion and rigour would be the key elements. This model had to be flexible enough to provide personalised education for each and every student with the very best preparation for the 21st century, carefully blended with an approach based on human and catholic values that make possible an integral education of each person. Learn more

Alegra is a school for boys and girls in the first three years of school life (Nursery, Reception and Year 1) and it is an all girls school from the age of 6 (Year 2) Learn more

At Alegra we educate students in the values ​​of the Catholic Faith. This means that, in addition to teaching the subject of Religion, the Catholic virtues soak up the daily life of Alegra.
Opus Dei is an institution of the Catholic Church and Alegra is one of its corporate works. The educational centers promoted as corporate works by Opus Dei -as is Alegra- have the mission to vivify society with the Christian spirit where families, teachers and students are cared for. Learn more

At Alegra, we aim to offer our students a demanding intellectual education that promotes hard work and personal effort. To achieve this, the British System and International System share a common educational philosophy; students are at the center of their own learning.

Alegra Prep School (from age 3 to 10) follows the English National Curriculum. The Secondary and Baccalaureate stage is an IB World School, delivering the Middle Years Program (MYP) in Secondary, and the Diploma Program (DP) in Baccalaureate.

Both systems share a core of rigorous academic formation, that deepens the development of global competencies and enables our students to acquire life-long skills, essential to flourish in the 21st Century. Learn more

Alegra students course the International Baccalaureate, nationally and internationally recognized by both public and private universities. To study in their chosen career they only need their school grade and it is not necessary to take the EVAU exam. Learn more

In Preparatory School: Infants & Juniors, all subjects are taken in English, except Spanish and Religion. While in the Secondary and Baccalaureate stages (International School: PAI & PD) there are approximately 50% of subjects taught in Spanish, although this percentage depends on the itinerary chosen by the student. Our teachers come from 12 different countries and 60% of the are English speakers. Learn more

Admission Process

The admissions process is an opportunity to know the school from a close perspective, we will guide you through all the 4 steps. For students that incorporate in Year 3 onwards (8 years old) admissions tests are compulsory, adapted to each Year academic requirements. Learn more

At Alegra we support large families, that is the reason why any family with 3 or more children at school can request economic aid. Also there is an alliance with Retamar for families that have children in both schools. Learn more

You can get in touch with the Admissions Team to know more about Alegra filling the form “Request Information” or directly contacting the Team at: admisiones@colegioalegra.es +34 678 85 18 26