Alegra is a School driven by families, committed in their pursuit of high-quality education.

We opened our doors back in September 2011. A group of families forged a plan to establish an educational model with a global and international approach, a model in which professionalism, passion, and rigour would be the key elements. This model had to be flexible enough to provide personalised education for each and every student with the very best preparation for the 21st century, carefully blended with an approach based on human and Catholic values that make an integrated approach to education, possible.

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September 2011

Alegra opened its doors for the first time in September 2011 with the enrollment of 160 pupils, 100 families and 20 members of staff.

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April 2013

A new chapter was opened at Alegra with a ceremony to mark the opening of a new state of the art Primary School building, which includes 18 classrooms to accommodate up to 450 children.

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June 2014

The British Embassy accredited Alegra via the British Council to operate as a British School in Early Years (Nursery and Reception); a guarantee to parents and Spanish authorities that British standards of quality are being met. Alegra was officially authorised after undergoing an inspection led by the Department for Education approved Inspectorates.

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September 2015

Alegra goes Digital: Changing the way teachers teach and students learn. Students and teachers in Secondary begin using iPads to inspire creativity and hands-on learning that makes learning more powerful. An amazing success story with impressive results: improvements in academic performance and increased engagement and motivation.

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February 2016

February marked an important moment in Early Years Education with the opening of a purpose-built Early Years Building; to house the Infants stage for children aged three to the end of the Reception year. With these new facilities and excellent practitioners, we laid a secure foundation basis for future achievements. The Infants Stage makes a difference to children, not just in their future but to their present – by supporting them to develop their curiosity, playfulness, and their need to know about and feel part of the world they are learning more about each day.

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September 2016

Alegra starts to go through a huge transformation with the completion of the first phase towards becoming an authorised International Baccalaureate (IB) School to deliver the Diploma Programme (DP). Alegra starts implementing the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in Secondary.

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April 2017

Staff and students are congratulated on a very successful school inspection. Alegra is awarded authorisation by the British Council to deliver the English National Curriculum for Primary Education in the Prep School.


June 2017

Alegra receives accreditation as a preparation centre for Cambridge English Exams having demonstrated continued commitment to achieving and maintaining the high standards which have made Cambridge English exams famous around the world.

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June 2018

The IB Organization officially authorises Alegra to offer the Diploma Program.


July 2020

The First Graduating Class of Alegra. Our students achieve one of the biggest milestones of the school, obtaining outstanding grades to access Universities in Spain and around the world

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September 2020

Inauguration of the International School Building for MYP & DP. 2.500m2 built, with themed classrooms. A space designed to learn, enjoy, and grow.

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October 2020

The carving represents the moment when the Our Lady said YES. Mary reflects her willingness and desire to place herself in the hands of the Father. The light, the materials, and the space help to focus the gaze and the heart on the divine encounter.


February 2021

The School launched the first edition of the Love2Grow programme, a formation for married couples. Training sessions for married couples. It is a weekend of formation in affectivity, communication, and the vocation to marriage.

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September 2021

Alegra celebrates its first 10 years. The school opened in 2011 with 160 students and 100 families. In 2021 it had 900 students and 600 families. For one year we celebrated this date with students, teachers, and families. We look back with gratitude and joy and look forward to the next 10 years.


June 2022

Exceptional results in the III Promotion of Alegra. The average score obtained was higher than that of comparable international and national centres. Alegra’s average score is 12.38 (out of 14) in the Spanish system and 36.5 (out of 40) in the IB system.