Academic Results &
University Destinations

Academic Results &
University Destinations

At Alegra we are proud to share the academic results of every class that graduates, and the careers and University Destination for each Alumni student. Discover the Reports below: they showcase the effort of the students, the outstanding work of the teachers, and of course the support of their families and the whole of the school community.

Every five years, as a school authorised to deliver the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme, we receive an evaluation visit from the International Baccalaureate, which looks in detail at the implementation and development of each of the programmes, quality standards and academic standards delivered.

Below we highlight the three most relevant points of the IB Evaluation Report:

1- The quality of the teaching staff:
"[Colegio Alegra...] has a qualified and inspiring teaching staff who have an in-depth knowledge of each pupil and are able to train and motivate each one according to her abilities."

2- The academic soundness of education at Alegra.
"Alegra School offers an attractive educational option for students and parents based on academic soundness through quality international programmes. The focus on training in Christian humanism promotes the integral development of the students".

3- The school's focus on a personalised education
"The commitment to personalised education is evidenced by the "preceptuación" model, a form of individual tutoring tailored to the needs of each student."

"Alegra School emphasises a personalised and holistic education, based on commitment and service. The school ensures faithful implementation of IB programmes and their alignment with the strategic plan, promoting educational excellence and holistic well-being. In addition, the school offers a broad and balanced curriculum, providing opportunities for choice to suit individual profiles and interests".

Alegra’s IB Results 2023
100% Presented and Approved Alegra (79% worldwide pass rate)
Alegra Average Score: IB 33/45 points (Worldwide IB average 2023: 30 pts.)
40% of the students scored above 35 points
The highest score: 43/45pts.

Spanish System Grades 2023
The highest score 13.8/14
78% of students earn the Bilingual Diploma
18% of students achieve grades higher than 12.5/14
Alegra average grade: 11,5/14 & 8,2/10

Spanish grades
- Average grade of the promotion: 12.38 out of 14
- Average grade out of 10: 8.8

Highest grades:
- 54% female students above 12.5
- 18,9% students above 13,5 and 14

IB grades

- Average Alegra IB grade 36.5 points (IB world average 31.9 points)
- 35.13% of students above 40 points.
- 100% Alegra passes

Read the full report.

Overview Spanish Grades:

- Average final grade out of 14: 12,2
- 46% of the students over 12,5
- Average final grade out of 10: 8,6

Highest grades:
- Out of 14 -> 13,85 (4 students),
13,7 (2 students).
- Out of 10 -> 9,85

Overview IB Grades:
- Average final grade Alegra IB 35,4 puntos (Average IB world 2021 33,4)
- 25% of the students with grades over 40 pts. ( compared with the 12% over 40 pts. IB world 2020)
- 100% approved rate Alegra

Read the full Report and discover the destination careers and universities

- Average final grade Alegra IB - 34,2 points over 45. (Versus average final grade IB world, other schools)
- 29,9 points over 45.
- Average final Spanish grade Alegra - 11,8 over 14 (8,5 over 10).

Read the full report and discover the destination careers and universities

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