We Inspire

At Alegra, students accomplish their highest potential thanks to an inspiring learning environment. They follow a robust academic journey, a strong extra-curricular program, and flourish during the process designed to enhance their personal growth and development. From Early Years to the Baccalaureate stage, we strive to inspire each student to seek depth in their knowledge as well as promoting a spirit of service that helps them to be a better person and for them to support their local community and the environment.


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We Innovate

We dare to dream. At Alegra, we are always open to innovate for our students, families, and staff. Thanks to this dream, the School is all-encompassing; an environment of innovation where students develop life-long skills, where the music project, the speech and debate project, and the solidarity project are not limited to be extra-curricular activities, but rather they are an essential part of a well-rounded education. We are innovative in the way students approach the digital world, seeing Information Communication Technology as a tool to learn, explore, and resolve issues.



We Lead

At Alegra, we strive to ensure that our students become women who are committed with members of the society in which they live leaders who influence their communities in a positive manner; women with drive and firm principles; women who are generous and open to the needs of society; creative women who seek to serve others with their talents.



We Build

The future is built on the small decisions we make on a daily basis. At Alegra, our students are encouraged according to their age to learn and work alongside their families to administer their own personal freedom; building a promising future. Alegra, being a young School, we are building the campus of the future while growing with our students; developing a true learning environment that enables them to grow and flourish in an outstanding School.


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We are Citizens of the World

Our teachers are the driving force at Alegra. They are the leaders who ensure that each and every one of our students grow and learns to the best of their abilities. At Alegra, our teachers are of diverse backgrounds and specialties. The multiculturality of the Alegra Team is reflected in the School culture, where tolerance and respect for others is a fundamental ingredient. From Early Years up to the final year of Diploma, there is an environment of openness: languages, a global thinking framework, and social responsibility are only some of the concepts that we strive to foster in each of our students.



We Grow by Learning

From Nursery to Diploma, everyday revolves around learning and how that learning enables integral growth and development in each student. Everything is thought through to help them grow not only intellectually, but also personally. At Alegra, we cultivate from the youngest to the oldest, a culture of effort, demonstrating to our students, the value of everyday all-in dedication to give their best in everything they do.



We Love

We know and care deeply about our students, celebrating their uniqueness and individuality. At Alegra, we help, guide, and support our students to choose the best for themselves and to discover their own talents. This is what makes us a School where we value every person; a place where each individual is able to shine. Our students not only come here to learn. They come to Alegra to learn to be happy.

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