The house system

Our Houses

When students enter Alegra, students they are assigned to one of four Houses:- Lions (Yellow), Horses (Green), Wolves (Blue) or Elephants (Red). Throughout their school life, our students remain with the same House and are proud to be rewarded with House Points for many different reasons: good behaviour, consideration of others, initiative, and performance in all aspects of schooling. Our House traditions contributes to a students’ sense of belonging and loyalty. Many sporting and charitable events are organised within the Houses which gives our students across all age groups, the chance to be involved in a fun variety of pursuits, always working together as a team.

At Alegra, each of the Houses identifies with a specific virtue promoted in daily life at the school: Loyalty, Strength, Generosity and Courage.

Our students realise that many people are far less fortunate. And through the House System, they raise money for a wide range of local and international causes.

The students themselves decide which causes to support and the fundraising activities range from whole school efforts to individuals working to help an organisation which they personally believe in and actively support.



Virtue: Loyalty

Color: Blue



Virtue: Strength

Color: Red



Virtue: Generosity

Color: Green



Virtue: Courage

Color: Yellow

Origins of the House System

The house system is widely used in British schools and schools which follow the British model of education. It originated in boarding schools in which students ate and slept in different houses during the school year. The system continues to be used in many British boarding schools today.

Our Houses help students to feel more connected to one another and to the school community as a whole. They enjoy additional opportunities to develop leadership skills which arise from the patterns established by the House System; MYP 1 students lead House meetings attended by older students and have taken over house planning duties from their peers. A sense of inclusion and engagement in a common enterprise is evident and has clear academic as well as social and emotional benefits.

the Houses?

At Alegra, the Houses help foster a sense of solidarity and greatness at the heart of students. Students participate alongside their House peers in various social projects around the world in a responsible and proactive way. They are able to grow personally and develop as well rounded and mature individuals, both generous and empathetic.

Our students relish every opportunity to participate in and complete in House challenges: sports, debating, plays and dance. The winning House enjoys the pleasure of being awarded champion status and the all-important House Cup.

Our younger students look up to their peers for inspiration whilst our older students enjoy integrating with the youngest members in the school community which may not otherwise be possible.

Each House is led by a student House Captain and Deputy House Captain. There are many opportunities throughout the years for students to take on both formal and informal leadership roles. At Alegra, we hold annual House elections where a House Captain and Deputy House Captain are elected through a democratic process of formal applications, presentations and votes. Once elected, it is their responsibility to work with members of their Houses to promote and plan house events and activities, and to continue in their support of charitable pursuits.

Our House System provides our School with a caring environment where everyone, both students and staff, enjoy even more opportunities to realise their true potential.

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