Our School Uniform

At Alegra, our school uniform is a visual symbol to the people in our community, of who we are and where we come from. The school uniform is mandatory for all students. We encourage our students to wear the correct items of the uniform and ask parents to be supportive of this in the way their children are dressed for school each day.


-School pinafore.
-Hair: ponytail with a bow (scarlet, blue or grey).

Boys (Up to Year 1):

-Short grey trousers.
-Stripes tie grey/scarlet.

Diploma Programme Students

-Alegra Skirt (knee-high).
-White blouse (long sleeves for winter and short sleeves for summer).
-Alegra Blazer.

All students:

-Alegra Blazer.
-White shirt (long sleeves for winter and short sleeves for summer).


Early Years Students

-Long grey trouser.
-White tennis shoes.

From Year 1 onwards

-Grey trousers.
-Alegra white Polo sweatshirt.
-White socks.


-Alegra overall ‘baby’ (compulsory up to Year 6).
-Grey Alegra coat.
-Alegra School backpack (compulsory up to Year 6).
-Hair bow: burgundy or grey.

School Uniform is available to order at:
La Casita de Mitos Roca.

C/ Leopolodo Calvo Sotelo-Bustelo, 46
28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón
Tel: 913522145 / 626454709

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