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Singapore Maths Method at Alegra’s Year 1

In Infants, Year 1 (3ro de Infantil in the Spanish system), during their maths class, students worked on number bonds: when you join two parts together you get a whole.

 Part + Part = Whole

An example of an exercise practiced in class with students would go as follows: “In how many different ways can they separate the blocks onto two plates? Do the two plates combined still add up to seven?”.

From the Concrete to the Abstract

“This exercise is essential in the concrete stage of the children’s learning”, explained Miss Constanza. “They bring abstract concepts to life through the usage of physical objects. By practising this exercise, we allow the students to think and to find out the answers by themselves along with learning different ways in which numbers can be combined or split up, to sum up to the same whole”, their teacher told us.

Watch the video below and let Cosme and Isabel show you!

What’s the methodology behind this exercise? Singapore Maths at Alegra

At Alegra Infants School students are learning maths and having fun at the same time through the Singapore Math Method because an attitude that math is important and approachable is essential for learning.

The Singapore Method‘s main focus is on mastery:  achieved through intentional sequencing of concepts. Some of the key features of the approach include the CPA progression. The Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach develops a deep understanding of math through building on existing knowledge. This highly effective framework introduces concepts in a tangible way and progresses to increasing levels of abstraction.

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