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University & Career guidance at Alegra

The MYP5 and DP2 have the continuous support and counseling of the University and Career Guidance of Alegra, during the decisive years of education and election of the profession. Within the frame of this program, the MYP5 AND PD1 students had a remote session with the Instituto Empresa (IE).

We have received the first international university offers from the  University of Warwick (Russell Group) and the University of St Andrews. During these weeks they have been taking the admissions test in CUNEF, ICADE, and the Universidad de Navarra.

The main goal of the session that the students have during the school year with different universities, is to challenge students to think deeply about their possible career of choice, whilst widening their horizons of aspiration and academic achievement. 

The session was filled with specific advise on what to look for while researching universities, here is a summary of some of the best ideas:

Career Offer: The first thing to understand is what career offer do universities have, and which ones have a strong reputation in the area. 

Location: this will directly influence the university experience and oftentimes it also influences the reputation of the institution and where you want to establish your career.  

Teaching Methodology: some universities are more research oriented and others are either similar to the IB model of teaching and learning or theory based; it is vital to know which methodology matches what is important to you.

Internship opportunities: professional experience during your studies could be the turning point of your career, because it will enable you to be better prepared for the job market. 

Exchange Opportunities: consider the different options that allow you to further your education with an international experience.

Specialization and Personalization: it is important to consider if universities offer a wide range of options career wise, but also which level of personalization it alows to each student, considering extracurricular activities, campus live, among others. 

Talk to the Alumni! One of the most useful tips was that of really knowing the life of a student in the university of interest, also building relations with people that have been through the same journey you have. 

Thinking of the future? More questions for you!

  • What type of university fits your learning style? 
  • Which experiences have you had in your school that you’d wish to replicate in university?? 
  • What matters to you most?  
  • What prizes, rankings or what reputation precedes the university of your interest? 

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