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The Benefits of Reading

Reading has many benefits, apart from the necessity of reading to get by in today’s world, let’s look at some other benefits of reading and how these can contribute positively to your child’s development.

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  1. Discover the world

Reading is a gateway to learning anything about everything. It helps you discover new things and educate yourself in any area of life you are interested in. You can find a book on just about any subject you can imagine, dive in and start learning. Your child can learn about their interests (and even themselves) through reading things they enjoy.

2. Develops your imagination and creativity

When we watch television or a movie, all the information is given to us on the screen – there’s nothing we need to imagine. A book in its pure form is just words on a page, and our minds have to do the work, imagining the words coming to life. This does wonders to develop our creativity and imagination.

3. Improves vocabulary and communication

Giving your child access to a world of words is one of the best ways to improve their vocabulary and enhance their spelling skills. New knowledge that’s gained through enjoyment has a tendency to stick and doesn’t even feel like work! Both their written and spoken communication abilities can be improved through regular reading.

4. Builds a good self-image and helps you respect others

Learning new concepts, discovering exciting places, and understanding others’ perspectives are key to building a well-rounded self-image – not to mention the self-esteem boost from being able to read well! It’s at early ages that children can be most easily influenced, and a positive reading experience can do wonders to help them form a positive perception of themselves. Reading also has social benefits. Children can discuss stories with others and form friendships over shared interests.

5. Improves concentration and reduces stress

Not only does reading focus your attention entirely on the task at hand, but it also immerses you in the information, improving concentration and memory of what you read. Getting completely involved in a book can help us relax and feel calm.

These are just some of the benefits of reading! Make sure that your child reads every day:  spend 5 minutes listening to them and encouraging them to read. 

Miss Gill – Reading Leader of Juniors at Alegra School

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