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Math Olympics in Alegra: Regionals

The MYP3 students of Alegra participate in the XXX edition of the Maths Olympics for 2nd of ESO, organized by the “Sociedad Madrileña de Profesores de Matemáticas (SMPM)” in collaboration with the Mathematics Faculty of the Complutense University.

It has been an exciting morning in the International Building, filled with mathematical challenges for the students. From 10 am until 1:30 pm the students were completely devoted to the resolution of the maths problems in their teams; challenges that have made them showcase the best of them, striving to demonstrate their knowledge and competence in the subject they work on every day in the classroom.

Four different teams of Alegra have entered the competition this past 2nd of February in the Regionals from the Alegra Campus, in the Secondary Library. The competition has three different stages: regionals, second regionals, and nationals. The second regional stage will be on the next 21rst of May, and will only classify 54 participants, selected in the first round. 

We wish lots of success to the participants of Alegra!

This week’s events

  • Thursday 10th of February: UFV Talk: “Habilidades transversales para el mundo laboral”. Students de DP2
  • Wednesday 9th of February: “Olimpiadas matemáticas de primavera” (Students MYP 1 – MYP 5)
  • Friday 11th of February:  Monography Fair online University of Navarra. Students of DP1
  • Friday 11th of February UFV Workshop: “Proyecta tu futuro”. Students of DP1

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