The Alegra Hockey and Athletics Teams have a strong start to the year!

Since the end of January the Athletics Team on Alegra is part of the “Unión Madrileña de Atletismo (UMA)”, in which also participate schools like Retamar, Orvalle, Mater Salvatoris, Stella Maris, Montealto, Los Tilos Tajamar and Los Olmos.

“It is an opportunity for learning and personal growth for our students, that have the possibility to access a greater number of resources: a broader team of coaches and specialists, a bigger number of athletes, better facilities to train, and much more”, notices Darshna Hall, the team coach.

The past Saturday 22nd of January, the first training session took place on the Athletics tracks of Aluche. The athletes worked on race walking, long and high jump, weight throwing, speed races, and hurdle races.

Primer entrenamiento con la UMA en las pistas de atletismo de Aluche

Beginning the 19th of February, Alegra will start a weekly competition in the federated competition with UMA. Currently, we have 20 athletes of Alegra that are part of UMA, we expect this number to grow over time!

Grass Hockey Teams

Since a few weeks ago, Alegra also has two federated teams of grass hockey: Benjamin Team (students from Y3 to Y5) and the Alevin Team, made up of students of MYP1. Leading both teams is Candelaria Santa Cruz, former Spanish selection player of the sub19 and sub18 Hockey Teams.

colegio-britanico-en-madrid-Alegra hockey alevin 1
Equipo Alevin
colegio-britanico-en-madrid-Alegra hockey Benjamin 1
Equipo Benjamin

“This year hockey has been received with a lot of enthusiasm from the students. Since the beginning of classes they’ve been giving their 199% in each day they come to train, and they have the same excitement they had on their very first day playing”, Candelaria Santa Cruz tells us.

Both teams compete on the weekends in the “Liga Madrileña de Hockey”. You can check their schedule on the Alegra Calendar on the website.

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