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Bioethics Program for PD2 students

During the month of February Diploma Programme 2 students began the Bioethics Programme, seven sessions focused seminar, with the goal to deepen the reflection and inquiry spirit of the students, in subjects that are essential to the human formation of the students.

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Experts from different areas of the field came in to deliver each session of the Programme, delivering a well-rounded approach to the subject:

  • Dr. Ricardo Abengózar,
  • Lourdes Durango,
  • Dra. Sonsoles Alonso,
  • Dr. Luis Chiva,
  • Dr. Javier Schlatter,
  • Dr. Jesús Poveda and
  • Dr. José Ignacio Sánchez-Méndez.

“What is Bioethics?”, “Natural Family Planning Methos”, “Reflexions around the defense of the unborn”, “palliative care explained”, “our identity”, “Christian perspective of sexuality” and much more were the theme of a Programme that strives to dig deeper into the human formation of the baccalaureate students.

This march has been the closure of the talks and the students have told us how enriching it has been to them, “the best thing about the bioethics course that we had is being able to ask anything to renowned experts, and at the same time challenging ourselves to reflect about these important topics for our lives”, one of the students has told us.

Beginning this year, the Bioethics Programme will be a fixed piece in the human formation of the students of PD2 of Alegra, during their last year at school.

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