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Academic Excellence: Graduation of the III Promotion of Alegra

“An eager to learn and to take initiative Graduating Class”, words of Vicky Muller, Headmistress of Alegra to frame a day filled with satisfaction and thankfulness for the academic excellence of the students, the 8th of June of 2022 will be always remembered as the day of the Graduation of the III Promotion of Alegra.

The celebration started with the most important: giving thanks to God with a Holy Mass said by Father Pablo Molero, chaplain of the school, in the House of Mary, the hermitage of Our Lady of Alegra. The celebration was accompanied by the music of the students, songs full of meaning that helped all the attendees pray better.

Next, the Graduation Ceremony began, a ceremony in which all the voices of the school were heard: Headmistress, families, students, and the Alegra Alumni; we also had the opportunity to have as a guest speaker Mr. Javier Gomá, philosopher and writer, President of the Fundación March.

The academic ceremony began with the Anthem of Alegra, The Gentle Voice Of The Heart. Afterward, Vicky Muller, Headmistress of Alegra came up the stage “now you start to be, in a stronger way, the leading character of your lives, it is truly exciting. You will make your own way at the rhythm of your own choices. You have received all the education to decide freely with your mind, heart, and hands, to lead a full and fruitful life”, said the Headmistress.

The graduation continued with the words of the Head of IB at Alegra, Militza Hernandez, who spoke words of goy that reflected the growth journey of the students, highlighting all the academic accomplishments they’ve achieved in their IB years at Alegra. Moreover, she thanked all the teaching and non-teaching staff, and to the Management Team of the school, for their untiring efforts during these years.

The ceremony continued with the words of a very special guest, Javier Gomá, who gave an endearing, deep and thoughtful speech to the students about the exact cross-road moment they are experiencing, “up until now your lives have been centered –mostly– around family and school. From now on you will go out to the world where the sources of influence that you receive will multiply. This is true, however, it also multiplies your possibilities of influence in the outside world. Now you are truly responsible for yourselves as well as responsible for the example you set for others that will be close to you. The world that you are going to conquer outside of school is full of possibilities. The people that strive to do big things are the ones that accomplish them. The world is waiting for you”.

On the other hand, the students Daniela B. and Cristina A. were the representatives of the III Promotion to give the graduation speech in the name of the class. The students to the opportunity to thank all the people that contributed to their academic success at Alegra.

“It is demonstrated that each one of the people here, during the course of their lives, will meet an approximate number of 5.000 people. If in different ways each of us changes the life of only 10 of those people we are going to meet, and these 10 do the same with another 10, in a few years, there will be a total of 3.700 people in the world with the mark of the Alegra spirit we all have inside”, said the students in their speech.

Following, Vicky Muller, Headmistress; Paloma Lago, Head of Academics and José Antonio Torre de Silva, President of the Board of Administration of the school, awarded the diplomas to the students. A very special moment to celebrate the academic excellence of the graduating class.

For the closure of the graduation, Pilar Abad, President of Alumni Alegra and former student of the  I Promotion and Rocío Baldasano of the II Promotion, gave a speech welcoming the new graduates to the Alumni: “it is this the moment we deliver the spirit of Alegra everywhere we go, because it truly is worth sharing!”

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