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MYP5 Graduation 2022: “¡Welcome to the Diploma Programme!”

The students of MYP5 celebrated today their successful completion of the Middle Years Programme of the IB, and their transition to the Diploma Programme.

During the academic ceremony, the students received their “beca” and diplomas certifying their time in MYP5. The teachers and the Management Team of the school were present to celebrate their success.

Isabel Estalella, Executive Director of the MiM IESE, has been the guest speaker at the graduation, during her speech she shared 3 critical ideas for starting the new chapter of their academic journey “don’t let discouragement sidetrack you, have a good beacon person, an adviser and constantly give thanks for everything, without exception”

During the ceremony we heard the different voices of the school, speeches from Vicky Muller, Headmistress of Alegra; two students from the MYP5 class; the MYP Coordinator, Maola Hernández; their class tutors; and a final speech from the Alegra Alumni (III Promotion).

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