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III Promotion of alegra: Academic results

The academic results of this course have been extraordinary. They reflect the dedication of each of the students, the work delivered by the teaching staff and of course the unconditional support of the families and the Alegra community.

The results fill us with joy and we celebrate with the students all their achievements. High quality education, which prepares students for the future, results that ensure them entry into the best universities.


  • Average grade of the promotion: 12.38 out of 14.
  • 3 students obtained grades higher than 13.8.
  • 54% of the students obtained grades above 12.5 out of 14.
  • 18.9% of the students obtained grades between 13.5 and 14 10.
  • 8% of the students obtained grades between 13 and 13.5
  • 24.3% of the students obtained grades between 12.5 and 13
  • And of course, 100% students presented and approved!


  • Alegra IB average score 36.5/45 points (World IB Average 2021: 33pts.)
  • 35.13% of female students above 40 pts.
  • 70.27% of students with grades higher than 35 pts.
  • 100% passed Alegra (compared to 88.96% approved IB Global 2021)

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