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Juniors courses make “History”

Visits to Arqueopinto, a day at the Natural History Museum, History Day, grandparents visiting the classrooms to talk about the past. During the month of November, the Juniors have been on a great journey through History.

At Arqueopinto, the Prehistoric theme park, Year 3 and Year 4 pupils had the chance to take a journey through prehistory up to the Stone Age.

Year 1 pupils visited the Natural History Museum and were amazed by the life-size animals and dinosaur skeletons. The pupils were able to see the importance of conservation and environmental protection.

On History Day, the Juniors staff organised a carousel of famous people where students rotated through the classrooms every ten minutes to learn about each of them: William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Einstein, Cleopatra… were some of the characters the students met. Year 1 was transformed into a 19th century school. The teachers dressed up in period costumes and organised different activities. The Year 2 classes spent a day reminiscing about the Great Fire of London with different crafts.

Finally, some grandparents of Year 1 students visited their grandchildren’s classrooms to talk to them about the past: how they played when they were little, what their classes were like, how they travelled, what they had fun with, what their house was like, etc.

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