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Healthy Habits In The Family (II): Hygiene Routines

In this second article in the series “Healthy Habits in the Family” we look at the second key area: the hygiene routines we establish in our homes. These are simple matters but can sometimes be lost sight of in the hustle and bustle.

Remember, it’s about creating habits in an environment of freedom, not rigidly imposing a set of guidelines. Below you will find ideas to reinforce what you are probably already working on at home.

This Healthy Habit Is In Your Hands

Countless diseases are spread through our hands, what more reason do we need to wash them? Instilling in our students the habit of frequent and correct hand washing is very important at school.

A good trick to combat forgetting this healthy habit in the family is to leave clues or reminders that catch our attention and remind us to encourage hand washing between each activity. For example: the end of the garden game should be to wash hands when entering the house.

Goal at home: establish handwashing routines: before eating, when going to the toilet, when coming home, after touching pets, etc.

Dental Hygiene A Healthy Habit

Brushing teeth properly is one of the healthy lifestyle habits for children that should be instilled from a very young age to prevent tooth decay and other problems; it is a good idea to teach them from the time they have their first teeth.

As children get older, it is also necessary to check if they are brushing their teeth correctly, the right amount of time, teach them to floss and not miss annual dental check-ups.

In the school we did an oral health workshop in Year 2 – Primary 1 – last December and we had a great participation from the students.

How To Ensure The Acquisition Of This Healthy Habit In The Family?

Songs, coloured toothpaste, competitions between siblings, a special cup for rinsing… Your creativity is the limit, it’s even a good idea to include a visible board where the little ones can place a star after brushing their teeth, these are all ways of making the habit appealing. External motivations that reinforce the desire to do things well!

Goal at home: take time to supervise the brushing and flossing routine.

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