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End of the Year Festival 22-23 Alegra School

Joy and gratitude have been the hallmarks of this Saturday in June throughout the Alegra community. Vicky Muller’s words during the celebration reflect the sentiment of the entire school: “Dear teachers, once again, you have earned our recognition and deep gratitude. Thank you, parents, for wanting to show with your lives what truly matters: marriage as a path of love, family as a place of encounter, sharing, and giving to others; home as a haven where trust and affection fill the atmosphere; a place where we transmit our belief in a loving God who wants to live alongside us, bringing us true happiness. Keep going, never lose heart.”

The Parade and the End of a Cycle

From Year 1 to PD2, all the students of the school paraded through the Campus, a procession that holds special emotions for the Year 1 students as they leave the school to continue their journey at Retamar, our brother school; for the Year 6 girls bidding farewell to the British system and preparing to embark on their PAI path next year; and, of course, for all the PD2 students, as it was their final parade as Alegra students, ready to become part of the school’s Alumni.

Following the parade, awards and banners were presented to students from each class: Academic Excellence, Spirit of Alegra, Sports, and Resilience.

Let the music take the lead!

Each Prep School year group took the stage by storm to interpret the songs of world-renowned musicals.

  • Year 1: Encanto
  • Year 2: The Lion King
  • Year 3: Mamma Mia!
  • Year 4: The Sound of Music
  • Year 5: Annie

Extracurriculars: Talent Display

Ballet, drama, figure skating, and artistic gymnastics are just some of the extracurricular activities that the school offers to students to develop their talents outside the classroom. During the end-of-year celebration, the entire Alegra community had the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the fruits of their hard work throughout the year.

Thanks, Alegra Community! Teachers, APA, staff, parents…

Thank you, APA (Parents’ Association), Helping Mothers, and Helping Fathers for making the celebration possible. Congratulations to the teachers and staff of the school for your constant dedication, putting our students at the forefront.

Thanks to all the families for trusting in Alegra and helping us become the best place to grow.

Photo Gallery: Awards and Highlights

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