PAI Colegio Alegra 2023

MYP Graduation 2023: Academic Success

The MYP 5 students have celebrated the academic success of the completion of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) and their transition to the Diploma Programme.

Accompanied by the school community, including PAI students, faculty, and the school administration, the PAI 5 students received scholarships and diplomas acknowledging their completion of the MYP.

Militza Hernandez, Head of Academics, initiated the ceremony by explaining the significance of the academic event taking place. Completing the Middle Years Programme is a noteworthy achievement as it serves as the best preparation for embarking on the Diploma Programme.

Militza then handed the floor to Vicky Muller, Headmistress, who congratulated the students on their hard work and constant effort throughout the year.

On the other hand, Cristina Rembado, an independent advisor at CaixaBank Asset Management and a mother from the school, was the special guest of this ceremony. She addressed the students in a familiar tone, as someone who has known them for many years while encouraging them to value the opportunities provided by the school and their families to surpass themselves and serve others. “Make the most out of the opportunities that surround you, aim high, and give your best,” she said to the students.

The academic event continued with words from their tutors, Sara Herrero and Inés Camprubí, who simultaneously expressed, “We are very proud of you. You have faced obstacles and overcome them.” Likewise, Maola Hernández, the Coordinator of the Middle Years Programme at Alegra, added, “Your dedication, effort, and perseverance have borne fruit. We are here to honor your academic achievement.”

Academic Success: Award Ceremony

Next, the awarding of diplomas was an exciting moment for all the students, who cheered for each of their classmates with great enthusiasm. In the end, the students who were awarded the Honorable Mention by the Community of Madrid were recognized. They were called by name, and the entire educational community gave them a heartfelt acknowledgment as they stood up to receive recognition for their academic success.

The ceremony concluded with the words of Estela Lorente, the Coordinator of the DP at Alegra: “Promotion 2025, welcome to the Diploma Programme!”


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