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Year 6 Is Ready For The IB

Alegra recently celebrated the graduation of its Year 6 students with a magnificent musical performance of “Oliver Twist.” The enchanting show served as a momentous occasion, honoring the students’ successful completion of primary school and their upcoming transition to MYP1 (Middle Years Programme, International Baccalaureate). Following the diplomas ceremony, parents and teachers gathered to witness the extraordinary talents of the students as they brought the classic tale to life on stage.

The ceremony began with the words of the Head of Prep School (Infants and Juniors), María Álvarez de Tole, who praised students on their dedication and spirit of service towards others. “Throughout your years in Primary you have learned to serve others, never let one of your classmates be alone. Take the true meaning of friendship that you have learned in Juniors to the IB Building”.

Recognizing Achievement

The evening began with a solemn diplomas ceremony, where Year 6 students were honored for their dedication and accomplishments. With beaming smiles and proud parents looking on, the students were presented with their diplomas, signifying the culmination of their primary education. The ceremony served as a heartfelt tribute to the students’ growth, perseverance, and readiness to embrace the challenges of the MYP1 stage.

An Enchanting Performance

After the diplomas ceremony, the stage came alive with the vibrant energy of the musical production. The students transformed into characters from the beloved Dickensian tale, captivating the audience with their communication skills, vocals, and dance performances. From the lively group numbers to the poignant solos, the students delivered a truly memorable rendition of “Oliver Twist.”

Artistic Brilliance

The production showcased the incredible talents of the students and the dedication of their teachers. The carefully crafted set design and costumes immersed the audience in the world of Victorian London, transporting them to the streets inhabited by Oliver, Fagin, and the Artful Dodger. Each musical number, evoked a range of emotions, from joyous celebration to heartwarming introspection.

Celebrating Transition

The Year 6 graduation musical held a special significance as it marked the students’ transition from primary school to MYP1 within the IB system. It symbolized their readiness to embark on a new phase of their educational journey, characterized by inquiry-based learning, interdisciplinary studies, and personal growth. The musical served as a bridge, connecting the students’ accomplishments in primary school to the exciting challenges and opportunities awaiting them in the Middle Years Programme next year.

Families Pride and Teacher Support

Parents and teachers filled the campus with applause and heartfelt cheers, acknowledging the students’ achievements and their growth throughout their time at Alegra. The musical production was a testament to the collaborative efforts of the school community, from the guidance of the teachers to the unwavering support of the parents, all of whom played a crucial role in shaping the students’ educational experience.

Looking Ahead: International Baccalaureate

As the Year 6 students bid farewell to primary school, they eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead in MYP, International Baccalaureate. Alegra’s commitment to providing a rigorous and nurturing IB education ensures that these students will continue to flourish academically, artistically, and personally. The graduation musical served as a memorable milestone, inspiring the students to embrace the IB principles of inquiry, critical thinking, and international-mindedness as they embark on their MYP1 journey.

The Year 6 graduation served as a celebration of achievements, a testament to the supportive school community, and a heartfelt farewell as the students embark on their exciting Middle Years Programme adventure at Alegra. Did you know that they also took a tour of the IB Building before the school ended? Learn about it here!

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