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Graduation IV Promotion of Alegra

A full day of celebration for the academic achievement that comes with successfully completing the curricular journey of the students in the three programs that make up Alegra’s educational model.

The celebration began with a thanksgiving Mass presided over by Father Pablo Molero, the school chaplain. The celebration was accompanied by music performed by the Promotion’s students, meaningful songs that helped everyone to pray better.

Next, the graduation ceremony commenced, an academic ceremony where all voices of the school were heard: the school administration, the parents of the students, the graduates themselves, and the Alegra Alumni. We were also fortunate to have Isabel Rojas Estapé, a psychologist, journalist, emotions therapy specialist, and Alegra parent, who delivered some heartfelt words to the graduates.

The ceremony began with the notes of Alegra’s anthem, “The Gentle Voice of the Heart”. Then, the Headmistress of the school, Vicky Muller, took the floor and said, “Today, you begin a new chapter. Now, you become, in a more assertive way, the protagonists of your own lives”.

The ceremony continued with the words of Militza Hernández, the Academic Director of Alegra, who expressed great joy and highlighted the path of growth taken by the students. She emphasized what the students had achieved through their years in the IB at Alegra, saying, “You have undertaken systematic, organized, and consistent work that will accompany you to university and any career you choose. You have learned the true value of effort.” Furthermore, she expressed gratitude to the entire DP teaching staff, the administration, and the families of the school for their support and guidance throughout the student’s academic journey.

Militza then handed the floor to Isabel Rojas Estapé, who delivered profound, meaningful, and reflective words to the students. During her speech, she presented the students with a fundamental task for their lives: to answer three key questions, “Who am I? Where am I going? Who am I going with?”

We also had the joy of hearing from Nacho Calderón, representing the parents of the IV Alegra Promotion. Nacho dedicated heartfelt words of pride and joy in celebrating the academic and personal achievement of all the students, whom he holds dear due to his knowledge of their stories and journeys in the school. As a parent of the promotion, he expressed special gratitude to the chaplains of Alegra, “who have cared for the most important aspect of our daughters: their souls.”

Recognition of Academic Achievement

Vicky Muller, the School Director; Paloma Lago, the Director of Innovation and Academic Outreach; and José Antonio Torre de Silva, the President of the School’s Board of Directors, presented the students with diplomas and class photos. It was a unique moment to celebrate the academic excellence of the Promotion.

Two students from the IV Promotion addressed their fellow graduates, saying, “We, the new Alegra alumni, leave the ‘boxes’ and step onto the podium to face the world. The school’s footprint will always accompany us, and we hope to have also left our mark on the school.”

To conclude the ceremony, Pilar Abad, the President of the Alegra Alumni Association and a former student of the I Promotion, took the floor to welcome the graduates to the association, saying, “It is my pride to welcome you to Alumni, where we aim to continue the professional, human, and spiritual development of Alegra’s alumni.”

The IV Promotion Travels to Rome: Volunteering and Culture

The students of the IV Promotion traveled to Rome for their final gathering before embarking on their university careers and as a closure to their time at the school. It was a trip infused with culture, learning, and the discovery of beauty, combined with a project of assisting and serving the most vulnerable by volunteering at a soup kitchen in Rome.

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