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Empowering Student Leaders: House Captain Elections

Every year at Alegra, a momentous event unfolds, one that fills the entire school with excitement and anticipation—the House Captain elections. It’s a time-honored tradition in British schools that showcases the Alegra’s commitment to fostering leadership, virtues, and a strong sense of community.

The journey begins with eager students from the senior classes of Prep (10 years old) who step forward, willing to take on the responsibilities of House Captain or Vice-Captain. Candidates campaign tirelessly, sharing their visions and values with their fellow house members, vying for their trust and support.

Campaigning and Courage: Delivering Inspiring Speeches

The highlight of this process is undoubtedly the speeches delivered by the candidates. Picture the scene: the entire Prep school community gathers in attention as each candidate steps up to the stage, ready to articulate their commitment to their house’s core virtue and outline their plans to lead their house to victory. These speeches are a testament to the courage, eloquence, and determination of Alegra Prep future student leaders, and they serve as an inspiration to their peers.

After the speeches, the school community casts their votes to choose their house’s future leaders. It’s a moment of pride and responsibility for every student as they actively participate in shaping the leadership of their house.

A Well-Deserved Honor: Breakfast with Miss Vicky

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colegio-britanico-en-madrid-student leadership miss vicky

For those who have secured these prestigious positions as student leaders, there’s a well-deserved treat awaiting them. The newly elected House Captains and Vice-Captains are invited to an exclusive breakfast with the school’s leadership team. This special occasion serves as a moment of recognition and celebration for the dedication and leadership demonstrated by these young individuals.

Imagine a morning filled with laughter and enthusiasm as the student leaders gather around a table, sharing their aspirations for their respective houses.

Miss Vicky gave them some words of advice for their leadership roles: “Your classmates have chosen you because they trust you to make their house grow. Being a leader means paving the way for others… What do you have to do to be a good leader? Listen. And most importantly: have fun!!”

Virtue-Based Houses: Strength, Generosity, Courage, Loyalty

This tradition is a culmination of Alegra Prep School’s unique House System, where students are sorted into one of four distinct houses, each representing a noble virtue. The House System, inspired by the traditions of British schools, is a way to foster camaraderie, leadership, and healthy competition among students. Today, it stands as a testament to the enduring values of unity and teamwork.

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colegio-britanico-en-madrid-student leadership british school madrid

Alegra Prep is divided into four distinct houses, each named after a virtuous attribute and represented by a noble animal. From the spirited House Captain elections to the inspirational speeches and the heartwarming breakfast with the school’s leadership team, the House System is a testament to Alegra Prep School’s commitment to academic excellence, leadership development, and a strong sense of community.

It’s not just about belonging to a house; it’s about belonging to a legacy of virtues and camaraderie that will stay with students long after they graduate.

Do you know what do each House stands for?

1. Elephants House (Strength): Symbolized by the mighty elephant, this house represents the virtue of strength. Members of Elephant House are known for their resilience and determination, always striving to overcome challenges.

2. Horses House (Generosity): The horse, a symbol of grace and generosity, represents this house. Horses embody the spirit of giving and community service, with its members often involved in charitable endeavors.

3. Lions House (Courage): The courageous lion is the emblem of this house. Lions members are fearless in the face of adversity and are often seen taking on leadership roles in various school activities.

4. Wolves House (Loyalty): The loyal wolf stands as the symbol of this house. Wolves foster a strong sense of loyalty and camaraderie among its members, who support and stand by each other through thick and thin.

All Houses shape student leaders!

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