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Hockey Team: Unbeatable start to the season for Alegra

The coach of the Alegra hockey teams, Cande Cruz, former player of the Spanish U21 hockey team, has written to us about the results of the beginning of the season in the different Alegra hockey teams.

After two months of training and one month since the start of the hockey leagues of the different categories, we can see that the training and all the efforts of parents, teachers, coaches, girls, and the whole school are paying off.

Hockey team results

In the Benjamin category (4th to 5th graders) we had the participation of two Alegra teams who won again last weekend.

colegio-britanico-en-madrid-hockey colegio alegra
Copa Benjamín grupo C1Alegra – Race7-0
Copa Benjamín grupo C2Alegra – SanseComplu B4-7
Hockey Sala Alevín Femenino BAlegra Y6 – Alegra PAI 12-3
Infantil HierbaAlegra – Sanse B1-1
Infantil HierbaHoquet trebol – Alegra14-0
Hockey team results 4th of november

Meanwhile, in the Alevín category (pupils from Year 6 to PAI1), two Alegra teams competed against each other, with PAI1 winning by the narrowest of margins.

In the Infantil category (students from PAI2 to PAI3), two Alegra teams competed this weekend, with PAI3 winning by a draw.

Finally, in the Prebenjamin category, we have a team of Year 3 pupils who will start the league in mid-November.

This is just the beginning and we at Alegra are very excited for the students to continue learning and enjoying this beautiful sport. Hockey not only improves the physical quality of the students at Alegra, but it is also a sport that inspires them to be the best they can be and encourages teamwork.

Benefits Of Being Part Of a Hockey Team

  • It develops strength, speed, and stamina. A match can last up to 80 minutes, providing an intense cardiovascular workout.
  • Helps strengthen muscles, especially leg muscles
  • Improves balance, coordination, and general physical ability
  • As a team sport, it develops social skills
  • It improves character, which is essential in any sport.

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