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Learning English Like Natives: Alegra’s Approach

At the heart of Alegra School’s commitment to a well-rounded education is our approach to language acquisition. Embracing an immersive learning environment, the school champions the Read Write Inc. program as a cornerstone for English language proficiency.

A Unique Learning Experience

Alegra British School has fostered a rich educational ecosystem where students not only learn in English but also embody the language as a means of communication, creativity, and exploration.

The Read Write Inc. program, a structured and engaging literacy initiative, is the bedrock of Alegra’s language curriculum. The program not only imparts reading and writing skills but also cultivates a profound understanding of the English language in students.

Foundations of Phonics and Blending Sounds

Central to the Read Write Inc. approach is phonics—a method that unravels the intricacies of English sounds through a systematic and intuitive system. Students at Alegra are introduced to the sounds of English letters and combinations, laying a strong foundation for reading and writing.

One of the key pillars of the program is the concept of blending sounds. This technique, much like piecing together a puzzle, enables students to merge individual sounds into words, empowering them to read with fluency and confidence. This mirrors the natural process through which native English-speaking children learn their language.

Learning by Sound: A Dynamic Approach

The essence of learning by sound is embedded within the curriculum. Alegra’s educators leverage this auditory learning method to enrich students’ understanding of the English language. By sharpening their ability to recognize, manipulate, and create sounds, students not only grasp language patterns but also elevate their reading and spelling capabilities.

A Collaborative Journey: Students and Teachers

At Alegra British School, the Read Write Inc. program is a collaborative process. Students actively engage with the curriculum, often expressing their learning experiences in simple yet profound terms.

“Phonics helps us know how letters talk,” remarks one student, encapsulating the essence of the program, while another student highlights: “Learning by sound is like playing with English sounds to read and write stories”

Complementing these vibrant student perspectives, the teachers at Alegra provide a more nuanced understanding. They emphasize that the program mirrors how native English-speaking children naturally acquire their language. By integrating this approach into the curriculum, Alegra ensures an authentic and comprehensive learning experience.

The Impact: A Language Adventure

The Read Write Inc. program at Alegra goes beyond fostering language skills. It cultivates a love for learning, nurtures creativity, and instills confidence in students. Through phonics, blending sounds, and learning by sound, students embark on a captivating language adventure, enhancing their language capabilities while nurturing a deep appreciation for English as a tool for expression and exploration.

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