Alegra for Others

Become an Agent for Change

Our students are inspired to become change agents. By helping to connect them with issues and organisations that align with their passions and skills, students learn how to make a lasting and meaningful difference in the world around them. 

Alegra For Others is a way for our students to build greater empathy with and a deeper understanding of important social justice and human rights concerns, in the knowledge that they have both the power and the responsibility to use their voices in service to and in support of others.

Through a series of online challenges, Alegra For Others is a great channel for our students to promote a range of solidarity projects, supported through the Houses System. Each House leads a charitable project with the support of the on-line platform, iHelp. Students are able to create their very own fundraising campaigns, allowing for greater exposure and promotion to the causes they support. 

Our students incorporates aspects of solidarity, generosity, social conscience and ecology, into the core curriculum of the School. 

“For Alegra, this is an initiative of the greatest importance. At School, we strive to offer a high standard of academics whilst complementing this provision with the awakening of the social conscience so that our students are capable of bettering the world they live in”,  Ms Vicky Muller, Headmistress of the School.

The most important part of the community service our students take part in is not the funds they raise, but to touch the social conscience and the sense of responsibility of each and every student; to show them that they can be the catalysts of change. 

Alegra for Others is an ongoing project, and was set-up to help those that most need it, at the same time, as broadening our students capacities to lead, to serve, and to love.  

For more information, visit our Alegra For Others website.