Health and safety
at the Alegra Campus

Principios fundamentales de las medidas de prevención

The duty of the school is to be extremely cautious in every health and safety measure in place.

No strategy of control alone can avoid the transmission of a disease; the integration of measures –big and small– is essential, inside the school and in every family.

The school needs us all: teachers, staff, and parents, for the preventive measures to be effective. We will ask each family to sign a responsibility form in which they give us their word to not send to school any student that presents symptoms.

The main goal of these guidelines is to limit the chains of contacts as more as possible, so the risk of community contagion is minimized. Each class will be set up as stable coexistence groups, or bubble groups; all measures look to ensure that students are only in contact with other students of the same bubble group. The regulation stipulates that the student ratio per class is for Prep School 20 students. For Secondary and Baccalaureate, it is 23 students. We have set up new classrooms for 9 different courses.

These measures will be adjusted and adapted in accordance with the evolution of the pandemic and the scientific knowledge available.

Deep cleaning and disinfection

Temperature control

Daily control of waste removal

Social distance of 1.5 mts.

Frequent hand washing with water and soap

Signaled rails in the school floor

There’ll be a Nurse at the disposition of students at all times on campus.

Sanitary Control Point. Hydroalcoholic gel Dispensers.

Access Restriction to the School. Families will only be able to access the School in case of need and with previous notice to the staff. They will drop off the students without entering the Campus.

Use of face masks for all the staff, and students from Year 2 onwards.

All students will be able to come to the campus if:

  • They do not present any symptoms.
  • They haven’t been in contact with an person affected by covid19.
  • They aren’t part of a risk group population (have chronic heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, respiratory chronic diseases, cancer or immunosuppression).

Entrance & Exit

We will have staggered entrances to Alegra according to the following schedule:

  • 8:45am School buses will arrive at School.
  • 9:00-9:15am families with lasts names that start with a letter between A to K will arrive at School.
  • 9:15-9:30 am families with last names that start with letters between L to Z.


4 Entrance Gates will be in function:

  • Gate 1 (calle Sorolla 4, pedestrians only) for students from PAI 1 to PD2. If they come with younger siblings, they will all enter the school through Gate 3.
  • Gates 2, 3, and 4 (parking accesses):
    • Gate 2 from students from Nursery to Y1.
    • Gate 3 & 4 for Year 2 to PD2.
    • Gate 4 for students that arrive on the school bus.


También es de forma escalonada:

  • A las 16:40 salen las rutas.
  • A las 16:45 recogen las familias cuyos apellidos empiecen entre la A y la K.
  • A las 17:00 recogen las familias entre la L y la Z.

Health and Safety Measures at a glance

  • From Year 2 onwards, students must wear facemasks, as well as teachers and staff
  • Hand washing must be frequent during school hours.
  • Social distancing of 1,5mts must be implemented on common areas.
  • Each building has a Unit of Air Treatment installed that filters and ventilates the air during the whole day.
  • For families, we have designed an Alegra mask, completely optional. It is on sale through Clickedu.

Patio & dining

Prep school students will have staggered schedules for patio. Each coexistence bubble will have the opportunity to enjoy an hour to play outdoors. Infants areas will be disinfected each time there is a bubble change.


The school will facilitate an exclusive space dedicated to the Nurse’s Room, inside the Main Building. Almudena Saucedo, School Nurse, will be available for students during school hours.

Frequently Ask Questions

During September, extracurriculars will not start, to maintain the bubble groups of coexistence. As the situation evolves it will be considered the opening of activities, as long as these aren’t direct-contact activities (football, basket, and volleyball)

The School of Music will begin on the 15th of September and classes will be centered around the practice of the instrument individually. The teacher will disinfect the instruments and chairs at the end of each lesson. Group lessons of Theory are suspended.

To comply with the regulations for school transport during the sanitary crisis: we have incorporated a new School Bus, a launcher between Alegra and Retamar.

Students that ride on the buses will have designated seats as the regulation mandates.

Aquí podéis descargar el horario e itinerario de las rutas disponibles.

Health and Safety on the School Bus:

  • The school bus supervisur, will take the temperature of all students before they onboard. Students with temperatures higher than 37,2 will not be allowed to ride on the school bus.
  • The school bus supervisor will provide hand sanitizer to students.
  • The occasional school bus service will not be available.

During the month of September, there will not be a childcare service available. As the situation progresses, the school will evaluate the possibility of opening the childcare service.

Yes. It is expected that all students wear their uniform to school.

  • From 6 years of age onwards
  • You can:
    • Bring a disposable face mask and change it daily.
    • If the face mask is made of fabric, you must wash it daily to respect the duration recommended by the maker (*)
      • SAll students must
        • Bring a spare mask in your backpack in case the one you are using breaks or gets lost.
        • Label all masks with full names.

      *Alegra masks are hygienic, reusable, with European Certificate CW 17553-2020, UNE 0065-2020 Homologated, Three-layer made of Polyester / Polyurethane / Polyester. They have an antibacterial and water-repellent treatment. They last 46 washes and are available through Clickedu.

The school will have available a remote learning service for all stages beginning Tuesday 15th of September, for students that cannot come to school.

At Alegra, we have put in place a Covid19 Commission. Since March, it has been working to deliver a good service during the pandemic and to be able to open the school in September. This Covid19 Commission is made up of people from several departments, school direction, management, teachers, communications, and the cleaning and services department. It will be running during the school year to adjust measures as needed.

Covid19 coordinator: Almudena Saucedo

Alegra is proactively following all established regulations to protect the health and safety on campus. In the case that a bubble has a positive case of covid19, families will be notified immediately and the 14 quarantine will be followed according to the Ministry protocols for health. For more information, you can acces here the sanitary protocol for contagion in educational institutions.


Si tienes alguna duda o pregunta sobre todo lo referente a la gestión de la pandemia en Alegra, ponte en contacto a través del email: