Enriched Curriculum:
Cultural Project

One of the main features of the academic journey our students at Alegra undertake is the active involvement in our Cultural Project; an open-minded approach to the multi-faceted opportunities that living in today's society brings with a global perspective. And multicultural project that incorporates the highest levels of culture, educating in the aspiration of beauty.

Curricular objectives:

  • A coordinated approach through all year groups with students, staff, parents and outside agencies coming together through the enriching opportunities a cross-curricular approach allows for.
  • Students exposed to a vast array of opportunities, allowing them to reflect and further develop their cultural education and individual tastes.


From Early Years to Primary all of our year groups attend weekly assemblies. These are formal occasions, designed to bring the whole community together. Celebrating the achievements of all, along with the reinforcement of key values and virtues is the ultimate objective, Our students are active participants: performances in plays,concerts and a whole host of Houses activities. These weekly reminders of the ‘School Virtue of the Month’ are character building and a regular reminder of how we are able to become better citizens.


Music at Alegra is designed to promote the development of the whole child. Whilst Music is fully integrated within our curriculum, from Infants to Secondary, our highly skilled specialist Teachers offer multicultural, hands-on Music classes; providing an environment where every child is creative, curious and engaged in learning through the power of music and the arts. Our arts enrichment and integration program exceeds that of the national and state arts and education standards (LOMCE). We go above and beyond to ensure the seamless integration of standards for developing social and emotional intelligence in students. Our in-school programs include music, band, dance, and visual arts classes.

Moving into Secondary, Music education continues to be a thriving element of life at Alegra. Alongside the music curriculum, we offer a wealth of musical opportunities for every girl. We advocate for the huge benefits of being involved in regular musical activities that are well-documented; the research is compelling and we see our students develop creativity, imagination and collaboration amongst a list of wider key curriculum skills.

We offer a wealth of musical ensembles at Alegra, ranging from large instrumental ensembles to many smaller chamber and vocal ensembles including the creation of a pop and rock groups. Throughout the year, there are a variety of performance opportunities: small weekly recitals, termly showcases, competitions and annual performances such as the Alegra Opera Day, among others. With so many ensembles on offer, our students are able to explore a great variety of musical styles and nurture music and performance skills whilst enjoying making music with friends. Equally important, as students progress, they are given the chance to lead ensembles and take ownership of a number of student-led groups, providing every girl with the opportunity to thrive musically.

Christmas Concerts, End of School Festival & more

Our annual Concerts are the jewel of Alegra, with friends, family and even Alegra Alumni unable to resist coming back every year to watch.
Throughout the School year, there are a vast number of events that promote the artistic and cultural formation of our students. Among these events are the Auto Sacramental, in which Secondary students perform a dramatisation of the Birth of Jesus; derived from classical adapted texts chosen from an old popular Spanish tradition. In addition, the Infants and Primary courses perform in a series of Christmas Concerts; celebrating artistic expression and creativity. The traditional celebration of various British festivities are embraced and enhanced at Alegra: Easter Bonnet Parade, the Harvest Festival, among many others.
To celebrate the closure of the School Year students from Infants to Primary courses have the chance to perform in the End of School Festival, a family filled day in which the Alegra students showcase their artistic skills, some of the Festival activities include the performances of the pop-rock bands of our Secondary students.

Cultural excursions

Cultural outings or excursions are a moment of personal and academic growth at Alegra. Each of these trips is supported by a work or project within different subjects, creating an environment of a hands on learning experience. For example, Year 3 whilst visiting a Pharaons exhibition at downtown Madrid will explore concepts of geometry, history and geography. Meanwhile for Baccalaureate Students a visit to the UN Nuclear Council will also be an opportunity to learn Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Humanities.

The Library

Our library houses a vast collection of books which includes a wide range of up-to-date fiction titles to inspire our students in their reading for pleasure and a collection of non-fiction books, journals and editorials to support their independent learning. To help support and encourage our students reading over the year, we host themed reading months to showcase the variety of genres available. In addition, students enjoy author visits and book signings, the publication of their book reviews and a whole host of quizzes and literary competitions which take place throughout the year. The connecting Research Library acts both as a library and a study area providing an ideal space for research, inquiry and reflection, intellectual curiosity and exposure to cultural diversity.

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Alegra Opera Day

Each year, a fully staged production is presented, which spans the classical and contemporary repertoire. Every one of our students in Secondary participates in public performances of various staged Opera scenes at the Teatro Nuevo Alcalá de Madrid, having had the opportunity to work with our in-house specialists and leading professionals. This unique cross-curricular project encompasses music, dance, poetry, theatre studies, design and history.

Previous performances include Carmen by Bizet; The Love Elixir; Orfeo and Eurídice by Gluck; and The Magic Flute by Mozart.

Discover more about the the Opera Day here