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International Experience: Exploring UK Universities

Nine students from the Diploma Programme 1 traveled to London, a trip designed to inspire students to consider their prospects of studying further education in the UK, an international experience to remember.

They visited the UK University Search – London Summer 2022 Fair, which invites students in Sixth Form/Diploma to attend in order to help them explore different universities and help them with their UCAS application. During the fair, the students attended the following seminars:

  • UCAS Application and how to write a competitive personal statement (UCAS is the system that students use to apply to universities in the UK, both the UK and international students use this system. At Alegra, we count on the support of a team that takes care of these applications, working closely with the students to prepare their personal statements.)
  • Choosing a university degree – this seminar covered tips on how students can make informed decisions about which degree to study. Very useful in a world of so many exciting options!
  • Russell Group Universities – The Russell Group is a group of top universities in the UK that work together to provide outstanding education and research. This seminar explained what the Russell Group is and what it means to study at one of their universities.

Students took the initiative to speak to the universities that interested them –among the more than 70 universities that were part of the fair– asking about course options and requirements and getting to know more about the UK higher education system.

A truly international experience!

The students participated in different self-guided tours of the campuses of some of the very top universities in the UK.  During these tours, the students took the initiative to ask questions in the Student Centre, explore the campus, and speak to current students. As a result of these visits, the students left with a true sense of what studying in London really would be like. They visited: 

  • Imperial College London (7th top university in the UK, 1st top university in London), 
  • University College London (UCL) (9th top university in the UK, 2nd top university in London), 
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (top 3rd university in the UK, 4th top university in London).

Students also attended the King’s College London Open Day. They participated in a fascinating talk from King’s Business School, in which they learned just how competitive of a university King’s is (of 10,000 applications to the business school, 500 students are accepted). Students attended the talks based on their individual interests such as Engineering and International Development. After that, they also explored the campus and spoke to the student ambassadors, as well as received a talk from the President of the University. King’s College is 22nd in the UK rankings and the 3rd top university in London.

“Overall the experience was both enriching and inspiring for the students, who left feeling confident and excited about the prospect of studying in the UK. A lot of them telling me that they are going to apply to the universities we visited. A successful trip that we will no doubt repeat!”

–Nicola Fletcher, who traveled with the students, Head of the English Department in PAI and PD.

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